MAWD Pathology Group – COVID-19 Testing

What are all the Specimen types that will be accepted? (example NP, OP, etc.)

  • Preferred specimen?  -> NP swab in viral transport media

  • Alternative specimen?  -> Any non-cotton NP swab in transport media, including buffered saline.

What are all the type of media/swab that will be accepted?

  • Transport media (UTM, VTM)/ saline?  -> Yes, if saline need 1-3ml of neutral buffered

  • Swabs (eswabs, Rayon swabs, NP)  -> Yes, anything non-cotton non-wood shaft

What is the minimum volume accepted if we have to aliquot media due to shortage?  -> 1 ml

How should specimens be stored once collected?  -> Refrigerated up to 72hrs

  • Specimen stability?  -> Need to test within 72 hrs

How should specimens be Packaged/transported?  -> Class B, typical biohazard for respiratory samples, with ice pack

What are some causes of rejection?  -> Will test but may not be able to result if internal control does not perform

Can you provide an example of how these Req sheets should be filled out?  -> They are very easy.

Can we have a contact number if we need to follow-up on results?  -> Call the main MAWD number at 913-396-8509

How will we get our results?  -> Faxed to as many stations as you want; we will set you up with a web portal for all results as soon as they are done. You will receive a media alert via phone, text or email when you have results available.

Can they be faxed ?  -> see above.

What will our Cost be?  -> $109 per test; CPT Code- 87635

Will you direct bill our lab?  -> Yes

Will you test on the weekends?  -> Yes


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